Du Postpaid Plans With Phone

Smartphones have leveled up the game of telecommunication. In the olden days, people paid sweet money to make simple phone calls. With technology came the internet, communication got easy, and network companies introduced exciting packages containing internet, phone calls, and messages. People prefer postpaid services that offer affordable packages without hassle. Many telecommunications companies compete and claim to be the best. Reflecting on our requirements, we must decide which company's plan is best for us

DU is one such telecommunication company providing its users with excellent postpaid plans. Let’s first understand what postpaid plans are and what their benefits are. A postpaid plan is a service that many telecommunication companies provide to facilitate their customers. Postpaid plans free the users of concerns such as constant worrying about regular top-ups. 

Now the question arises who benefits from these plans? A business person or anyone who uses their phone to make a living can benefit from postpaid plans. Users choose packages according to their needs and pay a fixed amount at the end of the month. What if a person uses more than their limit? Fear not! Postpaid services let their users make calls and messages, use internet data to their fill and then add the additional fee to the bill. 

What are the requirements to buy a DU postpaid plan?

DU knows how to keep its service clean. If an individual doesn’t meet their requirements, he gets no services. DU has different criteria for nationals of UAE and immigrants.  However, a minimum age of 21 is necessary for immigrants and locals to get a DU postpaid plan. 

DU leaves no room for any type of funny business. It has a foolproof screening process and goes all out to provide its users with effortless communication.

Best DU postpaid plans

DU’s postpaid plans are ideal for business owners and other users. Here are some highly recommended postpaid plans that deserve thorough consideration.

This plan covers 12 months and costs AED 1000 per month. It also includes a 5% VAT fee. This plan is ideal for business owners who travel frequently and deal with business persons in other countries.

This plan costs AED 500 and a 5% additional VAT fee (monthly). This package allows users to enjoy HD-quality videos and video calls without interruptions. This plan best suits small business owners and people who travel occasionally. 

This package costs AED 300 plus an additional 5% VAT. It’s ideal for personal use and provides HD-quality streaming and downloads at an economical cost.

How to Cancel DU postpaid service

If a user is not satisfied with the current DU postpaid package, he can file a request online to cancel his subscription. DU also provides in-store services. Users can bring their account details and ID to the stores, pay any remaining dues (if any) and stop their postpaid accounts. 

DU's new postpaid plans

DU has introduced new economically friendly packages that are perfect for day-to-day use. These plans are best for people who don’t use much data. Two of the new packages are as follows.

Benefits of DU’s postpaid deals

DU allows its users to choose from pocket-friendly packages that suit their requirements. Free calls, messages, and internet data, it has it all! Business owners can enjoy data roaming offers, Flexi offers, and unlimited data to conduct business nationally and internationally. Non-business people need not worry at all! DU got them covered with packages that suit their everyday use. Apart from this, DU provides plans that include Amazon Prime, high-quality online streaming services, and much more! 

DU’s postpaid Promotion Offers

DU is leaving no stone unturned to promote its postpaid services. It provides discounts if users are Faaza Card Holders, so if you have a Faaza Card, hurry up and get your postpaid subscription. 

DU provides free entertainment subscription services such as Amazon Prime and ONS streaming. Get a DU subscription and binge-watch your favorite show. 

What are DU’s postpaid phone plans?

Do you want a new phone in installments and a rocking postpaid service? Guess who provides this service! If you guessed DU, you are right! Users can choose a 24-month installment or a 12-month service according to their budget. 

DU provides a variety of phone brands to choose from, such as Samsung, iPhone, Oppo, etc. These phones come with different postpaid services that suit the user’s requirements.

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